OceanSky – Forex 101 Basic Course Part 1

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Basic Forex Trading Course by Oceansky Part 1 of 4.

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Forex Trading Education: Attacking Currency Non-Trends
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      Deriko (TheOnlyDeriko)2 weeks ago

      OceanSky I was referred to you by a great friend! I really appreciate you it's so hard for me to sit here and watch these videos because of my lack of dedication and commitment! But I'm force feeding myself this information because my soul is ready for a change. I keep doing your thing and maybe I'll get the opportunity to converse with you!

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      conscious2122 weeks ago

      this guys legit, juat made 57 quid today through reza

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      James B. Garibay2 weeks ago

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    4. author

      Brand Ray2 weeks ago

      Reza is the biggest online scammer!

    5. author

      Forex PeaceArmy2 weeks ago

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      Athar Nadeem2 weeks ago

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      Roland smith2 weeks ago

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    8. author

      tahsinul ayon2 weeks ago

      thanks sir

    9. author

      Tehuti RA2 weeks ago

      What a video, the best on the web. I'm determined to enter this industry and I've learned a lot from this video. I'm in the Caribbean, can i still get your book bro? Please, I'm asking.

    10. author

      shin Nikita2 weeks ago

      Great video and very informative. How please STOP the " SHARE THE FEED!' It's very annoying!

    11. author

      Roman maharjan2 weeks ago

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    12. author

      Rick Ovadia2 weeks ago

      Love this guy, he's won me. I like the way he teaches, he's real, I can follow his teachings because he is smart as hell. Thanks for the free advice. I hope I can affored to meet one day.

    13. author

      kingsely udezike2 weeks ago

      OCEANSKY i think you deserve world recognition is a ceremonial way, you're the good thing has happened to people in this life

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      Main Man Moose2 weeks ago


    15. author

      Riad Ahmed2 weeks ago

      Brother you spot on the gold man and JP Morgan.

    16. author

      Riad Ahmed2 weeks ago

      Never marry a woman and trade togather just stay single evergreen lol…..

    17. author

      Riad Ahmed2 weeks ago

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      Riad Ahmed2 weeks ago


    19. author

      Khan Sami2 weeks ago

      i wish if you could use good quality camera

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      Forest Parnell2 weeks ago

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    21. author

      antonio del hierro2 weeks ago

      Amazing bro, thanks 🙏

    22. author

      JoeNobody0101012 weeks ago

      Greatest fucking guy on the fucking internet! How do I get in-touch with ya one on one?

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      Arlen Cotton2 weeks ago

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      Stephen O'Neill2 weeks ago

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    25. author

      ItsJeremyThoee2 weeks ago

      Are you still on periscope?

    26. author

      Henri Hans Jr2 weeks ago

      Wow, great man and thank you so much Reza. I will share it and please send me the bible ok… God bless you….

    27. author

      srilankan tripadvisor2 weeks ago

      It was really great I like to keep on doing education with you please New to this but made me a believer .. can I get the book too ?

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      slavz2 weeks ago


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      Alain philippe2 weeks ago

      Ma man what school did you go to?

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      Douglas Battle2 weeks ago

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    31. author

      Tevv Moola2 weeks ago

      What type of chart do you look at when gap trading?


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