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In this video we show how we sent a trade signal to our pro forex alerts members on a Friday, price took our trade in Sunday evening when the Asian Forex market hit and and hit our profit target within a few hours. We show you step-by-step why we took the trade, why we placed our stops where we did and why we setup our profit target.

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      Martin Cooper2 weeks ago

      Great info!

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      tradeadvisorpro2 weeks ago


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      adsvers cop2 weeks ago

      Nice Video , thank u

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      Hoang Tran Cong2 weeks ago

      Great video, kudos to you 🙂 

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      snoopymisaki2 weeks ago

      i like 

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      tradeadvisorpro2 weeks ago

      Enjoy the video. In this video I show you how our Pro forex trade signals service customers nailed 2 trades on EUR/USD short position. We sent this trade to our customers on Friday after the markets closed which gave everyone 48+ hours to enter the limit order and wait for the market to hit.

      Sunday evening the Asian Forex market took price up to our entry and the London session drove price down to our profit target…all while most of our customers were sleeping. :-)


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