Best Forex Scalping Indicators

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(by The Author of Effective Guide To Forex Trading)

Find out the best forex scalping indicators that a full time trader is using in his trades and discover more forex indicator tips from his blog at


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Best Forex Signal Indicator Software
    1. author

      Zalanta7 gmail2 weeks ago

      excellent notes

    2. author

      jyoungerification2 weeks ago

      Very good combo of indicators.

    3. author

      Jay A M2 weeks ago

      The best indicator is your eyes mate

    4. author

      Markie Bawalan2 weeks ago

      how much time do you need to spend on this indicator to make profit? also what timeframe is the best? thanks!

    5. author

      Weli Fernando2 weeks ago

      Thanks Lee

    6. author

      krughan henderson2 weeks ago

      thank you for your time and effort. GREAT and useful video

    7. author

      Arghya Dey2 weeks ago

      From were can we get those indicators?

    8. author

      Nizam uddin2 weeks ago

      thank you helpful video

    9. author

      Hien Hoang2 weeks ago

      great video kelvin.
      simple and short.

    10. author

      one to million ea2 weeks ago

      good tutoria

    11. author

      John Shaw2 weeks ago

      No disrespect my friend but we already know all this. The problem with all indicators is that you are rarely watching them when the precise moment occurs, if anyone has the solution to this issue I would love to hear it?.

    12. author

      Adam McCulloch2 weeks ago

      Thank you very much for this video. I have been trading using this indicator (along with the basics) and it has proven to be quite profitable. So far so good!

    13. author

      Ahliyor Ibragimov2 weeks ago

      Parabolic is REPAINTING INDICATOR… this will lead you loosing money… I have tried Parabolic and I have saw that with my eyes how did that changed place… I am not saying that this particular strategy is bad, every strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, in this case I would not risk my money relying on this strategy…

    14. author

      Viveck Perumal2 weeks ago

      Thanks Sir. That was a good knowledge. Will try! 

    15. author

      Lim0012 weeks ago

      Thanks Kelvin
      Would you be kind enough to provide the parameters for the 2 indicators you use?

    16. author

      snp 932 weeks ago

      Do you think the indicators are suitable for Dow Jones or Dax.

    17. author

      bavarebava2 weeks ago

      thanks for the vdo. Can I use these settings for equity, futures as well?

    18. author

      Halina Drozd2 weeks ago

      very good indicators what pivot you use, day or history

    19. author

      FreeForexRobot2 weeks ago

      Thanks for nice video, awesome!

      I LOVE to get Pips by using free Samurai robot.
      Check proof video on my page!

    20. author

      a gravante2 weeks ago

      I have MT4, where is the pivot point indicator and what are the settings?

    21. author

      Abdullah Ghani2 weeks ago

      thanx a lot bro…

    22. author

      FreeTrendIndicators2 weeks ago

      Interesting vid, thank you for sharing ★★


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