How To Properly Read Binary Options or Forex NEWS!

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If you have had trouble understanding news and or trading it, this might be of some help to you.

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      Brian Ronoke2 weeks ago

      Well said Tevin!!

    2. author

      frencis janga2 weeks ago

      good video .thanks bro

    3. author

      James Vornes Jr.2 weeks ago

      Good looking out on the Forex Factory calendar. The site has been extremely helpful. The app is great too! Much blessings to you, my dude!

    4. author

      Sue Houghton2 weeks ago

      Awesome Tevin, your advice is priceless. I am 1 of those ppl who would have looked at trying to find the news reports haha lol thank you.

    5. author

      Campos2 weeks ago

      Man, thank you for the amount of value your giving out each day. You de real MVP

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      Lucia Reynolds2 weeks ago

      This is really really useful thank you

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      Michael Hinsley2 weeks ago

      Great Video Tevin!
      I love how helpful you are to new traders. I'm a member of Mikes signal group, but I only really use a signal here and there. I'm more focused on developing my own strategies and understanding of the market. Your videos and the advice you give has really helped me to galvanize may trading strategy. I've been cleaning up over the last couple of days using your spread trading money management. I've used your 3 strike principal with the martingale strategy and as a result I'm on 89.5% accuracy for the last 2 days!
      Thank you for the good work you do.


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