FOREX Trading Education: Statistics on Why Most FOREX Traders Fail

FOREX TRADING: This week’s Forex trading video answers the question “Why Do Most Traders Fail?” with statistics to back it up. After reviewing the mistake that most Traders make, we take a look at how to go about fixing them.

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Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach

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Forex Trading Education: Attacking Currency Non-Trends
    1. author

      Emanuel Popa2 weeks ago

      bee there, done that 🙁 not happy about it…

    2. author

      Gianni “giannigdev” Gianino2 weeks ago

      what is the name of the last clip you attached to this video? and the name of the event/video where he talk about the S&P secrets?

    3. author

      Edgardo Salazar2 weeks ago

      Forex change as anyone can imaging someone must help

    4. author

      maki tumac2 weeks ago

      been there lol.

    5. author

      Onestopbrokers News2 weeks ago

      EUR and USD Major Currency Pairs analysis, trends, performance and future indicators

    6. author

      Mehdi Berrada2 weeks ago

      I have been experienced that for many times , the first couple time i managed to keep my account tradeable, but eventually that caused me to blow my account

    7. author

      jay financial20062 weeks ago

      please try this book if you are losing.

    8. author

      SL.AX.CO.2 weeks ago

      Akil, i would like to personally thank for the invaluable information you provide!!

      Kind regards


    9. author

      vasia kostiuk2 weeks ago

      ive been there

    10. author

      trent jenkins2 weeks ago

      risk reward advice at 17:39 never thought of it that way cheers

    11. author

      trent jenkins2 weeks ago

      i have my first trade turned 24g into 16g

    12. author

      ali anjum2 weeks ago

      Wallahi I have and I cried

    13. author

      James Gyambibi2 weeks ago

      I am making this mistake right now as i type. but i have lost so much that i still don't want to get out of the trade. It's very frustrating. I lose way much money than i win even though i win much more often.

    14. author

      Darren A2 weeks ago

      Yup. Hallelujah for demo.

    15. author

      Jeff Bernstein2 weeks ago


    16. author

      Jeff Bernstein2 weeks ago

      Love everything ur doing!!!

    17. author

      Jeff Bernstein2 weeks ago


    18. author

      See Shellz2 weeks ago

      I'm a brand new trader.. I have been doing that in my demo account. Just focusing on learning. Appreciate your education.

    19. author

      blessed not stressed2 weeks ago

      done that, but I realize that its better to get out early and reenter when it goes up. Its always free to get in a trade anyways. It's just easier psychologically and less painful than hoping for it to come back up.

    20. author

      dragon jake2 weeks ago

      Easily just buy sell equal and try not to use high amount per trade try lower it will help and try not to overtrade. Trust me scalping saves life and if you don't overtrade and not trade high you will win and survive to trade another day always

    21. author

      maxim maximo2 weeks ago

      Most traders fails in only one case: When they are running out and they try to catch a nice butterfly.
      Hey traders don't be attracted by colored wings and fake big eyes for intimidating the enemies. It will cost you. your hard earning. Just trade a double top . or a double bottom using support and resistance that will add more happiness to your life.

    22. author

      aprokhs20022 weeks ago

      I have experience like you Said…😥

    23. author

      Frank Plata2 weeks ago

      And no… This is not about scammy trading software. GINO TRADING SYSTEMS

    24. author

      kurt fx2 weeks ago

      been there, done that…., great video Akil, thanks

    25. author

      Therealltaken102 weeks ago

      Excellent video clear, concise and I'm surprised that you only have a 55% win rate, but I guess R:R is vital and the proof is in the pudding. Very insightful I SUBSCRIBED 👍🏼

    26. author

      Taj Sandur2 weeks ago

      Akil my man! I'm just starting out with a demo account, and I have made those mistakes so many times. I'm trying to identify my weaknesses so I can develop a plan that works for me.

    27. author

      Astor2 weeks ago

      Keep your losses (pips) small, and your winning trades will be easier to manage psychologically.

    28. author

      Blessing Moyo2 weeks ago

      i have

    29. author

      BlinkSlowProductions2 weeks ago

      Hello Akil! I am brand new to trading and have just completed basically a 101 book on trading. I have worked about a week on a practice platform just getting the basics down. Do you feel that someone with very entry level knowledge can benefit from your program just yet, or should I gain more knowledge (learning more terms and basic patterns) before?

    30. author

      ZeNgpedS2 weeks ago

      isn't it means winning 50% of the time of 2:1 risk reward. if that, the 1:1 would be lower than 50%

    31. author

      Sam Sung2 weeks ago

      Hello , here is astory:

      I have seen this video while learning about forex a few weeks ago and said i would n,ever do those mistakes,

      Then i took a live account cuz i had subscribe to a french guy's signal so i said i would only use his signal & keep using demo to train.( his signal actualy worked 4/4 )

      BUt what i did was literaly losing 120% capital in 1and half a week.

      I just wish i had a teacher like you to sit up and look back at where my analysis & trade went wrong. ( most of the time HIT SL then go hit & above TP..)

      I kinda feel like i have wasted tons of money to learn a few.

      FOR MY First try with 500€ i went broke with 70% succes rate Bad SL is bad " nooo it will goes back down it's a double top i'm confident about it then goes 200PIP up SL

      2nd time i re-injected money into my account and i felt like i got stolen by forex. i literraly did 100% lose streak as i seen double top & double bot i instantly run in the trade and lose them all.

      Wrost was yesturday with GBPJPY i was selling it went up to hit SL. Then it went down

      Where people would get out with Profit out of my trade ( exactly the same at different entry ) me i would get out with a Lose. his made me wana RageQuit but watching your video give me power so thumbs up & keep doing analysis cuz i just love them & watch them everynight befor going to sleep lol . you should Do a lot more i cant acces to the weelky live cuz i'm at work but it's ok if there is a replay what sucks is i cant interact and ask questions 😐

      PS: i had no clue what was forex 1 month ago (thanks empowered trader Videos)

    32. author

      Stephen McCann2 weeks ago

      Ugh…….. * looks around *… raises his hands (Both)…

    33. author

      Anthony Sapsford2 weeks ago

      yes me

    34. author

      Jean C. Console2 weeks ago

      Hey Akil, after watching today video couldn't hold to review this one again. Gotta say that i actually laughed a lot in the first part of the video, that FOMO is so natural when one is starting out. So i gotta say "ME" because i had make that mistake before. But as one time you told me "Focus on the proccess not on the outcome ($)" that mistake is way back in the book. Don't get me wrong, and that's for people starting out the FOMO still speaks to you in the back of your mind, you just gotta stick to the plan. Keep it up bro

    35. author

      PKdoes2 weeks ago

      haha I laughed as I listened to your commentary during the thought process of that losing trade…. it's happened to the best of us

    36. author

      daniel coulibaly2 weeks ago

      yes I have ! good stuff, good material

    37. author

      Oleg Bezrukov2 weeks ago

      Done that lol and keep doing..hopefully from today will stop

    38. author

      Armani GN2 weeks ago

      Fantastic, thanks akil!

    39. author

      Marcel P2 weeks ago

      definetly been there

    40. author

      Sam Sheridan2 weeks ago

      I've been there but it came back an hour later

    41. author

      Winston Connor2 weeks ago


    42. author

      The Saga2 weeks ago

      Wow. I've never seen such an informative video. Watching this at 4am in South Africa. Well done and thank you.

    43. author

      Heemel Dutta2 weeks ago

      I have been there.

    44. author

      Pete Leyland2 weeks ago

      I have!

    45. author

      lionamax2 weeks ago

      Been there when the Brexit results came out… Well, you live and learn :)

    46. author

      Alejandro Flores Camargo2 weeks ago

      I have… In fact I'm…

    47. author

      John R2 weeks ago

      I got a say: your numbers and your reports are from the worst broker in the market. FXCM IS NOTHING BUT THE BIGGEST SCAM they manipulate their platform as they please, even after the lawsuit they had for the same reason…just google fxcm lawsuit or fxcm scam and you will find out what am I talking about, they chase your stops, they freeze your platform when you are making big money, among others "Happen to me many times when I was with them"…Their customer service suck! and their associates like Jason Matos And Specially "Rodrigo Regi" are nothing but a bunch of deceive liars, misleading their clients with wrong information…..Please check this link:
      Or just google: fxcm rodrigo regi and you will find many complaints……Good video for new start up traders dough! My comment is for new traders to Please do yourself a favor and do your research before thinking in getting involved with this FXCM SCAM! Thanks.

    48. author

      B1ack2 weeks ago

      I have… Just sat there thinking "These things happen all the time, it's eventually gonna come back."


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