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    250 Trades per day? What the frog? That's over trading in my book and I'm sure others may feel that way, too. When I make 3 to 5 trades, I thought I'm over-trading…OMG! Crazy, crazy!

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    Haha, its so funny how some people are trying to sell their shit system or apps in comments below. There is not such system that works. The best indicators are trend, support & resistance, Exponential Moving average line, Candlestick patters and news event.

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    "We just know when it is going to come out."".. except when the Switzerland National Bank is involved and put you out of business…

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    Looks like you have a USA branch; I wish they'd mentioned that on the site I tried first.

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    what are the major ''new indicator'' that a trade should look out for?

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    love this guy!!!!

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    I wanted to believe this was valuable information but then I saw the FXCM logo in the bottom right…

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    GB37705 months ago

    I'm not convinced this is a strategy let alone a good one…

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    Josep Albert5 months ago

    How about trading CFDs microlots to start learning and not losing too big amount of money ?

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    sdskaterscom5 months ago

    Hah, trade futures with a $1,000 account! And you warn people about forex?

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    Frank Hernandez5 months ago

    I trade forex not a scam,,with that being said forex it's not for everyone only cause u try an not succeed don't mean it's a scam lol

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    djfingatips15 months ago

    That is why guys Like Michael and Steve teach about stop hunts and the like. . .

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    ChaosBelow5 months ago

    I'm just gonna go rob a bank.

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    IGottaMakeIt5 months ago

    No offense, but it puts your credibility into question when you say forex is manipulated, but then say futures and stocks are the way to go (those markets are manipulated as well). It doesn't look good when you down one market, even though every market is manipulated.

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    Grant Trevor5 months ago

    you can trade forex futures

  94. author

    Anthony Arline5 months ago

    What are futures and how do you trade them ?

  95. author

    Chris man5 months ago

    its called "slippage dude" not the broker manipulating your entry points. the faster and more volatile the more slippage you see

  96. author

    Nicholas Cooley5 months ago

    correct. Forex is a scam for retail traders. BUT also wrong. You can trade WITH institutions. Why are you trading AGINST them ;)?  stocks is more manipulated.  A board of fat cats deciding when they release news?? good luck with that.

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    Noah Samuel5 months ago

    Forex Trading is good, I can do it.

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    Christian Ramirez5 months ago

    You should really change the video title. First, you explain how forex its manipulated by TWO groups, but you only explain ONE reason why you think forex is a scam. Second, you stated in the comments below that all markets are being manipulated in some level, one more than the others, so that means that stocks are a scam as well, since that was your ONLY reason why forex is a scam. Third, you also stated that it [forex] can be traded by banks, professionals, etc., but are "too complicated", my question to that is, why do professionals trade forex if it was a scam?
    All markets are complicated to the uneducated person but it can be learned if one wants to achieve that. Ive been trading for a living, i am 22 years of age. I have my own two-story home and car in a very nice neighborhood. At the end of the month i dont have a million dollars but i do have enough to not stress over any bills, emergencies, or adventurous travels. It took a lot of learning and backtesting but i got it done.

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    MrMaier30005 months ago

    Forex is not a scam, I like your vids and stuff but c'mon man. I would never thought a trader like you would say that.. I think binary option is scam….

  100. author

    Marcelo Uhlig5 months ago

    What markets are not rigged these days

  101. author

    unidentified troll5 months ago

    this is a total bullshit bias opinion

  102. author

    Gustavo Diaz Medina5 months ago

    We are you from Marcelo, and i agree with you. :)

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    MrTHL15 months ago

    Who would day trade forex when it's a 24/5 market. Day trading is recipe for disaster.

  105. author

    Gregory Alexander5 months ago

    Using the word 'Scam' in title of the video is a marketing word, or click bait as they say. I think the message that he is actually trying to portray is that, for a new investor, forex should be avoided as the forces that you are trading against are a lot stronger than in other markets. Lots of people are able to make money with forex and there is such a thing as an honest broker, but when you are dealing with mass sums of money corruption is never far behind. As with anything, do your due diligence and don't risk your lifestyle.

  106. author

    89aneesh5 months ago

    You will not make it in forex if you are a short term trader or scalper use higher time frames to trade no matter what the market is even if your broker gives you a worst price on your order if you are a long term trader it wont hurt you that much.

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    Forex Strategy Fast Track5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your insight. Take care and happy trading.

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    ZeNgpedS5 months ago

    are there any websites that can i find which news will be focused?

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    Charles Roberts5 months ago

    graed video thanks for pubelished

  110. author

    Ali Senejani5 months ago

    Thank you for the informative video, it is very helpful. Can you do one live video to show how you choose your entry levels? Do you use support and resistance levels?

  111. author

    Breznev5 months ago

    Where do u get the news from?

  112. author

    Emilio Fonseca5 months ago

    Hi Janna, how are you doing?I am sure you are doing right! I just wonder if you  are  using a pending order script to place buy and sel order  when trading news?? After watching your video i started to test a strategy to trade news with two pending orders placed on support and resistency levels but doing this work manualy is a time consuming so i i just wanted to know if you could share a pending order script that places 2 pending orders with SL and TP. i ve made a research on forums but i haven't found one that works perfectly!If you can give a hand i will be gratefull!

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    shehaan tissera5 months ago

    Hey first of all a bigggggg thanx.  it was really worth to me. thank u every much …!!!!!

     Q. Can we buy or sell stocks without an expiry date ?(is there any different between binary option trading and forex trading)

    Q. Will say after a  five second; the  opened operation value  was increased then can we close the operation and get the profit?
    plzzz help me to figure out this. 🙂 🙂 

  114. author

    indie ssance5 months ago

    one thing I noticed was the profit values of $400 & $100 even. how on earth were you able to hit the profit amounts exactly like that? typically, traders will see various dollar amounts, along with various decimal values in cents. for example, if your profit was $401.26 I would be more likely to believe that. since I think a trader could get that close to the target amount, but to hit the amount exactly seems virtually impossible, even with take profit set at a good level.

  115. author

    Sebastian22075 months ago

    Can I ask why you only trade the EUR/USD pair? Is it because the spread is tight or you are just familiar with the EUR/USD and like the way it trades? Do you feel it is more predictable than other currency pairs?

  116. author

    Ko Kin5 months ago

    hei beauty thanks for your good video ,can i add your skype or Facebook?  I adore you more every day. ^_^

  117. author

    Krunoslav Cicmir5 months ago

    Newbie here, don't laugh!
    I'm just reading and watching youtube, even got few books on forex…
    I understand when you buy at 1.4000 and then it goes up to 1.4010 and sell you make 10pips right?

    How on earth you make money when it goes down let say 1.3900 ?

    any recommended reading where that is explained or video?

    Sorry for a newbie question 🙂
    Happy trading!

  118. author

    Thu Win5 months ago

    Janna, I really noticed this November is a great month of trading…what other months would you say thats also great month to trade? Does this kind of volatility in markets only come in November? What are your thoughts…


  119. author

    Estrategias Profesionales5 months ago

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it and I have no doubt that you are helping so many people around the world. Take care. Hugs

  120. author

    myo than5 months ago

    +Janna FX Hi Janna, thx for the video. Quick question, how do you take of half position while the trade is still going? 

  121. author

    Maurizio Zappelli5 months ago

    Hi Janna! Could you share your setup to trade the last NFP. what was your value for the buy and sel stop, TP and SL? The last movement it was very particular. I have fixe the stop orders but the muvement pull back very fast with out touch my TP of 20 pips

  122. author

    Mohamed Nasr5 months ago

    hi janna could you make aweekly video of your trades so that we know best trades for that week

  123. author

    Thu Win5 months ago

    Janna, I've been using Tallinex and MT4 for a week and the spreads on it are too wide when I enter trade. I suffer a lot on spreads. Is it because I do market execute instead of setting up pending orders? 

  124. author

    Daren Dizon5 months ago

    I just love your chart Janna! It looks and feels quite easy but very risky for anyone who has no idea on how to trade the news release, right?  
    How many news do you read before deciding to enter a news trade?
    And which website do you go to collect valid info about any upcoming big news? (I prefer free ones… ha ha) 
    Would you mind sharing it with me? 
    I really appreciate you sharing your videos. I really enjoyed it!  

    (For me,I usually just open forex factory calendar and babypis but it's not much info there. That's about it for me. As you can see, I don't have much confidence with any big news but I would love to trade them if I know how.) 

  125. author

    Bonex Moxer5 months ago

    very good result Janna, keep it up….

  126. author

    mandipa Dube5 months ago

    I know this isnt part of the this vid's topic but do you still vouch for xm.com? i want to sign up for that $30 bonus. your response would be ,much appreciated. Thank you :D

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    Dhiraj j5 months ago

    Very informative video

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    Juan Sanchez5 months ago

    Good info!

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    woopygoman5 months ago

    A copy-trader or signal service would be nice since we can't always catch those live sessions and take the time to sit through them.

  130. author

    Kenny O5 months ago

    Make a autotrader (copytrader) of the same signals that you place in The Binary Lab, in addition to the live sessions. This way people can choose whether they will trade manually or let you place the signals for them. You will open up for a much larger audience, especially those that can't join your live trading because of work, different time zones etc. This is just my thoughts about it, but i would most certainly try it if that is something you can offer in the future..

  131. author

    Kassa Kanko5 months ago

    I was deposited $500 and then I didn't get signal. 

  132. author

    Kassa Kanko5 months ago

    it is not working for me

  133. author

    syful islam5 months ago

    hi janna, hope you doing great, so which time the news to be released..? where to find it ? i mean which website..? not the released news, im asking about to be released. like where we can see the new will be released on what time..?

  134. author

    Marie LaMontagne5 months ago

    what do you do so you can have that space at the right of the graph?

  135. author

    ggg ddd5 months ago

    или сигналы продайте

  136. author

    ggg ddd5 months ago

    Яна Вы давно торгуете? дайте пару советов..

  137. author

    Ali Feraoon5 months ago

    Perfect ! but i didn't understand what this Expert doing ? it opened a two position in eur/usd close another and open another ! please explain, and isn't risky to use autotrade ?!

  138. author

    Mo S5 months ago

    Is this metatrader 4?

  139. author

    Nick Fx5 months ago

    heyy Janna Dear Please Give me Line Trader expert ….

  140. author

    Mlungisi Marvin Nkosi5 months ago

    I think it is great idea to use a trailing stop loss during news release.

  141. author

    Corbin Whitehair5 months ago

    great video. where are you checking the news?

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    When I use your channel method I put a trade on both sides so I'm covered no matter what direction the market goes. Once the move starts I cancel the order that didn't start.

    Something I have found that helps a lot during non news periods is a currency strength indicator. I found one for free listed on a FX chat site.
    All the best with your trades.

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    I've put together a short video explaining how to prepare to trade economic news releases, the answer to this question comes in two parts as there are two ways I trade a news event;

    The first way I trade a high impact news event is by positioning myself before said you news event, so before the news is released I will place my trade beforehand so that I can catch the spike. A classic example of this is when a central bank is going to hike interest rates, in that scenario when it is almost certain that the central banks are going to do as anticipated there will always be an immediate effect to the markets and the currency will spike in the value of the currency price.

    When you are applying this method you need to be certain of what it is you are looking for and have done your fundamental research, in essence make sure you are certain and have conviction before placing a trade prior to the event.

    The second way I trade news events is from the aftermath, so let’s say you’ve got a high impact news event coming out and you’re not quite sure which way the data will go whether it will be positive or negative and then it comes out positive and the currency rallies. What you can do, or what I do is observe the rally wait for a pull back or for the pair to hit resistance or go into a Fibonacci zone and then I’ll look to trade it as it corrects moving forward as it is very rare that the market moves in straight lines and there will most definitely be a retracement and vice versa you can do the same if the data comes out negative the currency drops and I know that it’s due a retracement I will get into the market when the currency hits a level of support and the market starts buying it back.

    As I mentioned this is all very dependent on the research that I have done and how confident I am that said currency is going to retrace or alternatively if I am trading prior to the event how confident I am that the release is going to come out as I expect it. If I’m not so confident I’ll trade the aftermath if I am very confident I’ll trade prior to the event, so there we go two scenarios how I position myself around news events I hope that’s helped and maybe you guys can apply that in your own trading and make some pips.

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  202. author

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    Hey everyone, I've put together a short video explaining how I trade high impact news events!

    If you’d like to get an insight into how I trade the news all you have to do is follow my posts every day and see how I’m analysing the markets and particularly, which news events I’m expecting will move the market the most.

    For example, this week we had some high impact data from the UK which I was very interested in trading because I felt strongly that it would cause a rally on the pound. On the other hand, we had FOMC minutes last week, which is technically a high impact event but I wasn’t interested in trading that because from my analysis I kind of knew it wouldn’t really move the market too much.

    It’s all about tuning in to the central banks and which data points are moving the market at any given time, and then trading those when they are released. So if you have an event coming out for the pound, a lot of people would expect that to be positive, you could trade the pound long before the data because even if it comes out negative, overall, we are very bullish on the pound. So even if the price pulls back a little bit, it still provides an opportunity to buy it back because you’re tuned into the news and you know which way the price should be moving.

    A second way is to simply wait for the figure to be released, for example, if we’re looking for good data from the UK and we get good data, almost inevitably there will be a spike higher, but then the price will retrace for various reasons, and that’s where you can look to get in long on the pullback.

    Basically you need to buy the dips and sell the rallies, but first of all you need to know which currencies you need to be buying or selling in the first place.

    Every week I will provide a video of upcoming, hand-picked news events that I will be personally looking to trade. So watch out for those videos and follow the posts I provide every day and you should start to get a better understanding of how I trade the news.

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