what is forex broker

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what is forex broker – Today we will look into what a forex broker is and what services they bring to you.
A forex broker is an individual or firm, otherwise known as the “middle man” The prime responsibility of a broker is to bring sellers and buyers together. Therefore, a broker is the third -person facilitator between a buyer and a seller
their job is to act as an intermediary by arranging transactions by aggregating price feeds and quotes from multiple banks, traders, institutions, and other parties that are connected to the market.
these banks, traders, institutions and other parties can be a buyer or a seller depending on their position towards the market.
through all of these prices coming in from buyers and sellers it is the brokers job to match all of these parties up by connecting them to one another in the market
Through the connection the broker makes between the parties the participants have the option to buy or a given financial instrument like the Euro/USD or the USD/JPY
In exchange for the brokers services acting as a middle man connecting the parties to the market, a small commission per trade is charged.
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